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How to Hide Whatsapp Images and Videos from Gallery

Every single person uses Whatsapp these days and tons of messages are being received by friends daily and most of time we receive Videos and Images from our Friends and there are some friends that never thinks what they are sending but the image or video they send can be interesting as per our experience because people doesn't waste their time in sending useless videos.

How to Hide Whatsapp Images and Videos from Gallery

The videos or images can be funny or adult based and some of us don't want it to see in Gallery and we want to remove it from Gallery but still want to see it through whatsapp and if you also want to see those videos or images and want to hide it from Gallery then this tutorial would help you hide images and videos from Gallery.

So you are here to Hide Whatsapp Images and Videos from Gallery

Today you will learn - How to Hide Whatsapp images and videos from Gallery

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Hide Whatsapp Images and Videos from Android Gallery

These are the steps to hide whatsapp images and videos from Android Gallery.
  • Download and install any File Manager application in your android Device.We Recommend - ES File Explorer.
  • One that app installed in your device, open it and go to 'SD Card' Under Home section.
  • Now tap on Whatsapp and then Media.
  • Now you will see a Whatsapp images Folder.Tap on it for few seconds untill you will see some options, tap on 'Rename' this folder by adding ( . ) in front of that folder's name. Ex - .Whatsapp Images
  • Now whatsapp images and videos will be hidden from your Android Phone's Gallery.If in future you would like to Revert the changes simply do this by Removing that ( . ) and it will be reverted.
Means if you will open your phone's gallery there will be no whatsapp images or videos you could see.So, this was the tutorial for Android users to hide whatsapp images from gallery now next part is for iPhone users to hide images and  videos and it's much easier than this one :D Don't believe me? Read yourself.

Hide Whatsapp Images and Videos from iPhone Gallery

So, this tutorial is for Windows users.Read below if you are a windows user.

1. First of all Go to 'Settings' and then tap on 'Privacy' and there you will see 'Photos' Option tap on it.Now simply 'Turn off whatsapp'
Now your all whatsapp images and videos will be hidden from iPhone gallery.

So, guys this was the tutorial to hide whatsapp images and videos from iPhone and Android's gallery.Hope you have liked the tutorial and if so then share it with your friends.Now you can give your phone to others without thinking that they will check your gallery's images.

Make Free Calls With Bigo App

D you have a smartphone? and using it for cool purposes like using internet and calling your friends? Did you every think that if you could make Free Local and International calls you could not only save your money (Balance) but can also use that saved money for other purposes.You can make free unlimited calls to anywhere from anywhere with an superb app called Bigo.If you don't have main balance in your sim and you want to call your friend and you couldn't then this app would be worth using it.By using this app (Bigo) you can make free calls without any charges.

Bigo : Best app to make free calls

Make Free Calls With Bigo App

You can use this app to call anywhere in the world for free of charge.The best thing of this app is the called person isn't required to have Bigo App Installed or Internet Connection.Means if you can calling your friend he doesn't required to have internet connection or Bigo App, you can talk with him without any problem.So, you don't need main balance and the person you are calling doesn't required internet or bigo app.

Some of the Benefits of Bigo App

  • Bigo app provides Free 400 Credits Per month and 10 Credits for just opening and logging in the app daily.(Approx. 80 Min) (Means you will get 80 Minutes for Free Calling with 400 Credits)
  • Credits can be used to Make Free Calls through Bogo App.
  • You can earn 20 Credits for Just Referring a Friend.
  • You will notice the call rates are varying for different Countries/State etc (ex. the charge for calling to India can cost upto 10-12 credits per minute while the charge for calling to USA can cost upto 3 credits per minute)
  • But you will be charged on the basis of seconds and not minutes so don't worry if you can't talk the whole minute :D
  • The best thing about this app is if your friend have also intalled bigo app you can talk with him for unlimited minutes.

How to Make Free Calls With Bigo

  • Simply download the Bigo App from Here.
  • Install the app and Sign up for the app by entering details like Mobile number etc
  • Once sign up completed you can make unlimited Free Calls with Bigo.
  • You are done! Now you can make Free Calls to your Friends.


Though you can make Free Calls through the Bigo App by earning credits and you will be provided 10 credits for just opening the app daily and 20 Credits for referring a friend you can refer unlimited friends and earn unlimited Credits to Make Free Unlimited Calls.I Recommend this app as it doesn't required your friend to have The Bigo App installed.We will be posting more tech tips and tricks like this but for that we want your support and your can support us by simply clicking on the Share Button and get more tutorials like this one.

How to Backup your Blogspot Blog?

For safety it's very important for every blogger to firstly Backup Their Blogger Blog if you are doing some changes in your Blogger Blog even if you are not doing anything You can backup your blogger blog as Google can anytime delete your blogger Blog.So, Now you would like to know 'How to Backup your Blogger Blog' so read Further.

how to backup your blogspot blog

Why Google Deletes your Blogger Blog?

You can't do anything if you are on Blogger Platform as Google Have full control of it and it can delete your blog anything without any Prior Reason.Because You are using Blogger and that is Powered by Google but if you have a blog on Wordpress your blog won't be deleted by Google.So, You need to make sure that you have a latest Backup Of Your Blogspot Blog.

What are the Steps Required to  Backup Your Blogger blog Backup? 

The steps Required to Backup your Blogspot Blog is simple as Hell.

  • First of all Sign In to your Gmail account.
  • Secondly Go To Www.Blogger.Com and choose your Blog.
  • Now Your Blog's Dashboard will open.
You will see the following Image.
backup your blogger blog

  • Now Click on 'Settings' in the left side of your window.
  • Click on 'Others'.
You will see the following image.

backup your blogger blog

  • Now Click on 'Export' button as shown in the above image.
  • The Following window will Popup.
  • And Simply Click on 'Download Blog' and your Blogger Blog's Backup will be downloaded.
This will download the complete Backup of your Blogger Blog.Now every time you need to Restore your Blog to that date 'When you downloaded your Blogger Blog' You Just Simply need to Click on 'Import' and upload that Backup File.And your blogger blog will be restored.

Following the the above tutorial about 'How to Backup your Blogspot Blog?' can help you backup your blogspot blog and you will not face any problems like sometimes google deletes your blog and your need to write every single post again and this will not happen again in this case and lastly it's always better to take a daily backup of your Blogspot Blog after posting an article on your blog.

What people are searching for:
  • How to take blogger backup.
  • How to backup blogger.
  • How to backup blogger blog.

10 Best Google AdSense Alternatives (2015)

Google Adsense is undoubtedly the best PPC (Pay Per Click) Network in terms of  Paying you the best revenue you deserves and Can be used in a blogger with No Traffic.But there are tons of people who are suffering to get Google Adsense Approval.They have a successful blog with more than 25k visitors per day and 90% of them comes from Google but still they are saying they didn't got google adsense approved.Because Here Traffic doesn't matters.So, that's why today i came here with my 10 Best Google Adsense Alternatives of All Time.These alternatives are used by millions of bloggers and pro bloggers also use this on some of their blogs because sometimes we don't get google adsense approved and trying again and again makes no sense.

10 Best Google Adsense Alternatives

You can use any of the alternative to boost your earnings by blogging.You can generate more revenue if you are already using any other alternative along with this you can use Infolinks with any of the given Google Adsense Alternatives.That dosn't matter if your site didn't got Google Adsense you can not make money online.Even if your site doen't comply with Google Adsense Terms and Conditions these Alternatives can make a revenue for you.

Can you Really Make Make Money From a Blog Without Google AdSense?

The answer is Yes.You can make money from a blog without Google Adsense.As it is not impossible if you try to find some alternatives like in the post.Many alternatives provides PPC (Pay Per Click) and you can use it on your blog that will increase your blog earnings.

So what are the alternatives to Google AdSense?

You can't say that you won't earn if you don't use Google Adsense on your blog or if you don't get Approved.You can use Google Adsense Alternatives to make some revenue from your blog.Even if you are a part time blogger, you can make a revenue without Google Adsense Because There are 10 Best Google Adsense Alternatives that will help you earn some bucks or in fact earn money from your blog fro Lifetime, if you keep posting on your blog.So, here are The Top Ten Google Adsense Alternative that every blogger would like to use and even Pro Bloggers are using it on their blogs.

Alternative No.1: Yahoo! Ads (By Media No. 1)

media adsense alternativeMedia.Net Probably the most popular Google Adsense Alternative and can be considered as the best first alternative because it provides various Features just like adsense do And it has been ranked the first AdSense alternative over any other alternative.My friends has tried it on their blog some months back when they didn't got adsense approved and it worked like a charm and earn was also enough  for them as they are part time bloggers.In fact we should not be a Full time blogger if we are not earning Much from a blog.But the point is it offers CPC (Cost Per Click) so this is also the best for many People as adsense does the same.

  • Minimum Payment Amount: $100 (PayPal); $500 (Wire Transfer)
  • Payment Method(s): PayPal, Wire Transfer
  • Programs Offered: Cost Per Click
  • Yahoo! Bing Network Contextual AdsSign Up | FAQ

Alternative No.2: Clicksor

clicksor adsense alternativeClicksor. Yet another Google Adsense Alternative.Provides features like you can choose your own type ads that are related to your Website/Blog and even if you get Google Adsense approved in future you can use this advertisement network along with Adsense.So, this is a plus point for this.It shows ads like Inline Text Links, Text banners, Graphical banners, Pop-unders and Interstitial.It even pays if you refer a customer to their network and you will be paid additional 10% for referring a Publisher or Advertiser to their network.

  • Minimum Payment Amount: $50 (PayPal, Check); $1,000 (Wire Transfer)
  • Payment Method(s): PayPal, Check, Wire Transfer
  • Programs Offered: Cost Per Click, Cost Per Impression
  • Clicksor: Sign Up | FAQ

Alternative No.3: Superlinks

Superlinks adsense alternativeSuperlinks is another ad network that offers different styles of ads like Footer ads, Full Page ads, Exit links etc.The Plus point of using this ad network on your blog is you can even show upto 4 different kinds of ads on a single page.I liked this feature because adsense offers this feature only for premium users.So, this will help you make higher earnings than any other Adsense alternative.


  • Minimum Payment Amount: $100 (PayPal & Payoneer); $500 (Wire Transfer)
  • Payment Method(s): PayPal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer
  • Programs Offered: Cost Per Click
  • Superlinks: Sign Up | FAQ

Alternative No.4: Bitvertiser

bitvertiser adsense alternativeBitvertiser pays you for valid clicks on ads place on your blog.It can even generate more revenue if you have added more ads against each other on your blog.You will be paud by Paypal as well as Check.

  • Minimum Payment Amount: $10 (PayPal); $100 (Check)
  • Payment Method(s): PayPal, Check
  • Programs Offered: Cost Per Click
  • BidVertiser: Sign Up | FAQ

Alternative No.5: Chitka

chitka adsense alternativeChitka is an online advertising network offers Cost Per Click.You can show ads on you blog or app or mobile site.It pays you for every revenue generated by CPC and allows you to display user search targeted ads, mobile type ads and local ads on your blogs or websites etc.The best thing is you will be paid if you refer a publisher to their program and can earn 10% of their CPC for 10 months.

  • Minimum Payment Amount: $10 (PayPal); $50 (Check)
  • Payment Method(s): PayPal, Check
  • Programs Offered: Cost Per Click
  • Chitika: Sign Up | FAQ

Alternative No.6: Sovrn (Lijit)

Lijit adsense alternativeLijit offers many ads like banner ads, rich homepage ads and social engagement ads for your blog and they says they deals directly with major Advertising networks so you will be paid more CPMs.So this is the sixth adsense alternative.

  • Minimum Payment Amount: $10 (PayPal); $50 (Check)
  • Payment Method(s): PayPal, Check
  • Programs Offered: Cost Per Click
  • Lijit: Sign Up | FAQ

Alternative No.7: Yillix

Yillix is another ad network that offers all types of feautes like CPC, CPM, CPA etc and you can choose this network if you don't find you type of feature in other Adsense Alternatives because this have many features.It pays better CPC because they have direct partnership with major advertising networks.


  • Minimum Payment Amount: $10 (PayPal); $50 (Check)
  • Payment Method(s): PayPal, Check
  • Programs Offered: Cost Per Click
  • Lijit: Sign Up | FAQ

Alternative No.8: Infolinks

I have experienced this network and it's earnings depends upon CPC(Cost Per Click) and knows it pays very well to their publishers and you can choose this ad network as well as with any other adsense alternative mentioned above.

  • Minimum Payment Amount: $50 (PayPal, eCheck); $100 (Wire Transfer, WU)
  • Payment Method(s): PayPal, Wire Transfer, eCheck, Western Union, Payoneer
  • Programs Offered: Cost Per Click
  • Infolinks: Sign Up | FAQ

Alternative No.9: Popads

Are you getting thousands of visitors to your blog? then this would do the best for you as it pays not for CPC but for pageviews per blog visitors are getting.If any one clicks anywhere on any of your blog a window of ads will popup and you will start generating revenue from this Adsense alternative.And alternative is Popads is InfinityAds.


  • Minimum Payment Amount: $5 (PayPal and AlertPay); $500 (Wire Transfer)
  • Payment Method(s): PayPal, AlertPay, Wire Transfer
  • Programs Offered: Cost Per View
  • PopAds: Sign Up | FAQ

Alternative No.10: SponsoredReviews

If you are good in reviewing other blogs or sites then this would be the best Adsense alternative for you.You can review other advertising networks and you will build backlinks and your traffic will also be increased and specially if you are blogging on blogger platform you can make much better money with this.

  • Minimum Payment Amount: No Minimum
  • Payment Method(s): PayPal
  • Programs Offered: Fixed Rate Sponsored Reviews
  • SponsoredReviews: Sign Up | FAQ

As these are the Top Ten Google Adsense Alternatives that pays to their users by different kinds of features.Though there are many other Google Adsense alternatives but we have provides the alternatives that we have tried some of them and feels it would be the best alternatives of 2015 and you can use any of the Above Google Adsense Alternative on your blog even if you got adsense now for your Blog.Soon we will be posting an article on "How To Approve Google Adsense" For your blog so stay connected with us on social sites or visit our blog daily so whenever it will be posted you will be able to know about it.

Top 10 Useful + Must Have + Best Android Apps April 2015

Hello guys this the countdown of Top 10 apps of April 2015 for Android. So Let's get started. :-

♣ 10. UCCW Ultimate Custom Widget


UCCW is the best widget app for any android device. It let you make a lot of custom widgets and also you can download some skins from play store if you want some built in widgets. 

♣ 9. Cover Lock Screen

Cover lockscreen is an awesome lockscreen app which personalizes the apps according to how many times you have used that app and it lets you do a lot of personalization.

♣ 8. Kine Master Pro

Are you looking for a video editing app.. Then stop your search , Because you have found one. Kine Master Pro is the best video editing app in Play Store with lots of cool features and overlays.

♣ 7. PicsArt

Are you a photographer?? Do you love editing your pics before uploading them on Facebook? So this the ultimate app that you can use. With a beautiful and clean user interface this app can do a lot of editing for beginners as well as professionals.

 ♣ 6. PPSSPP

Do you friend always do show-off by showing his PSP? Do you want a PSP but your parents don't allow you to have one. Don't worry. We got a app that can play PSP games on your own smartphone. Just download the app and start playing .  Enjoy !

Download PPSSPP

♣ 5. Retrica

Retrica is the all-in-one photography app for any smartphone. It can capture high quality pictures with a lot of filters. But it is well known as the Selfie Camera. It enhances your picture with it's awesome filters and effects.

♣ 4. Swift Keyboard

Are you bored with your old stock keyboard? Then download Swift Keyboard right now. Which gives you so much features to customize your keyboard and type fast. It corrects your typos according to your language and learns very fast.

Download Swift

♣ 3. TubeMate

A lot of people like to watch videos on YouTube but it doesn't provide any option to download videos from it. It's time and data consuming to stream every video each time you want to watch it. So TubeMate is an app that give the option to download YouTube videos. 

♣ 2. ES File Explorer

Many people are in search of a good file explorer that can almost do anything. ES File Explorer is one such app. It let you have recycle bin, get all the backed up apps in one windiw no matter where you have stored it. You can also make backup of apps and it lets you have gestures to open a specific folder when any gesture is defined

♣ 1 . Nova Launcher

Are you felling your stock launcher a little laggy ? Are you bored with your stock launcher ? Then download Nova that has a lot of cutomisation options and it's incredibly fast. It is declared as the fastest and least ram consuming launcher.

So Guys, This is the end of our countdown. Hope you liked it. Don't forget to bookmark our page and like us on Facebook.

If you have some cool and awesome app in your mind. That you fell that it must be mentioned . Comment below. ;)

Contact me :- arpitfalcon1@gmail.com or just leave a comment. We are here to help you.

Top 5 Android Multiplayer Games Of 2015

Gaming add fun in your life.It makes a smile in your face and sometime makes you cry by the ending.Am sure you really loves gaming that's why you are here to see what games you can play with your friends that are funny, cool, enjoyable etc.

In our list we will be adding Five of the best Multiplayer games of 2015 that are played by most of the Android Gamers.This seems interesting so let's take a look at it.

Top 5 Android Multiplayer Games Of 2015

Real Racing 3

The name says it's all.Real Racing is a New Generation Game.It's should be played by all the Real Racers and those who likes online Games.A gamer must experience this game.This game has awesome graphics and lot's of skills to be applied by gamers.This is an excellent game and it's also a large game of about 1.2GB.So download it and enjoy if it fits your mobile requirement otherwise you have more options mentioned above.
Download the game from Play Store.

Raging Thunder 2
Raging Thunder is the most playable multiplayer game of 2015.You can have fun if you play this game.It's a 3D racing game and played by most of the gamers.In this edition you will find a lot's of new features Faster speed, New Roads etc.Using accelerometer you can have much more faster speed to score better than your friends.Make them feel jealous by your car speed and have fun by playing this superb game.You can download the game From Play Store.

Gun Bros 2
After the success of Gun Bros.Here comes the Gun Bros 2 upgraded version.Now you will have much more fun than before.If you have liked the Gun Bros 1 Then this will be best for you.This game is so much fun.This game is full of fun.Play with enemies with your different weapons and finally fight with the final boss.
Download the game from Play Store.

CSR Racing

The third game in our list but that doesn't mean that it came third it's a most popular game.It's a free to play game.This game is all about making making yourself the best in a city where'crews' are ruling.
Download the game from Play Store.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour
This is another FPS android game developed by gamloft.It has 13 missions and all are very cool and intersting missions.Chase villains Barcelona and you will have fun.There are lot's of new features in the game.Playing an FPS game on a touch screen phone is really a nice experience.So i suggest every FPS lover to play this game.
Download the game from Play Store.

What games do you like to play with your Fellow Friends? Are those FPS or Racing Games? Are those really awesome games that we can add into this list then do let us know through your comments.

Effective Ways to Drive Traffic to your Blog from Facebook

Do you have a blog? If not Make a New Blog And if you already have a blog and want to drive some quality traffic to your blog then you now will get some effective ways to increase pageviews of your blog whther your blog is based on Blogging tricks, Education, Recopies etc.You will learn how to get traffic to your blog even when you are not posting for long time.

Because Here Facebook plays a great role in increasing blog traffic.Facebook is not just for fun it can help you achieve success.That is not important for you to be professional in using facebook.You just need to do what this article says.Then you will find your way to success.I am sure that you won't be disappointing after reading this tutorial because this tutorial will explain it all that is necessary for you to be successful in Blogging using Facebook.

Effective Ways To Drive Traffic To Your New or Old Blog

Make a New Facebook Fan Page

Facebook page can help you drive traffic to your blog as most of the people over the internet are tottaly stick to it to get traffic from.It can help you if you get likes from your friends and join some Facebook Like Exchange Groups to exchange likes to get more likes to your page.In this way when you will post something new on your blog it will be visible to more audience.But wait your post wont reach much people until and unless you are active on your page for more time in posting some cool stuffs

Facebook Groups Can be Bigger and Bigger

Make a new facebook group and add your friends and if some of your friends are closer to you then you can ask them to add their friends in your group and if you have something cool to post or trick that your friends might be interested in then post on the group that 'If you want this trick then add your 100 Friends to the group and I will Send you the Trick' In this way everyone likes to do the same.So your group will grow and grow and grow.

Tip: Choose a Name that is easy to Remember so that your friends and others can again find that group.

Keep Your Facebook groups and Pages Updated

I am not saying you to post 7-8 times on your FB Groups and pages but must post daily.You can post some cool images of Facts.People are more likely to visit a Group/Page again those are updated regularly and are updated.

Tip: Post Some Question Related to your Niche or get some Facts From the internet and post it on your groups/Pages atleast one time in a day.

Be More Friendly with others

Don't be rude with every single person they could be your one of your loyal visitors.Make new friends but don't send more friends request as facebook can block you.Take benefits of making friends and chatting with them.If you daily send a message of 'Hi' to 20 of your friends and ask them how they are there will be tons of chances that your facebook profile post will come to their timeline.Atleast those 20 visitors can be your loyal visitors of your blog.If 20 of those visitors will visit your blog and will surf for atleast 1 minute.Your pageviews will be like 200 per day.So don't focus on making more friends only focus on making true Friends.

Tip: Don't be over Friendly with any one.People don't like too much talk in chats so better comment on their posts and like their status updates.

Must Read: Top 3 Ways to Make Money From a Blog

These tips are enough to get massive traffic to your blog from facebook.It's my experience so i am sure that these tips are the best tips of facebook which can be used for increasing your social media Traffc.I hope you like the post and will share it with your Closer friends and relatives if you want to help them increase traffic of their blogs.

How To Use Gmail Offline (Without Internet)

In India Internet is so expensive and even if we get a 3G Internet Connection it will provide slow speed due to low signals or large number of users who are using the same ISP at the same time.Some people are still using 2G Infact i use 2G when my pack gets over.That time i need to access my Gmail account to check how much mails i have received and how much received yesterday and i also need to check all emails one by one.So that time i feel slow speed while accessing Gmail.

Now you can use Gmail online without internet connection.Yes You can access your all mails that has been received and you can also compose emails and composed emails will be send after you connect to the internet but you can access all of your mails without internet.Let's See How.

It's all about google chorme browser and a simple extension and there is no need of any other thing.Access email anything even when you are not using Internet.

use gmail offline

How To Access Gmail Offline (No Internet Required)

  • You must be having Google Chrome Browser On your PC to Install extension.
  • Now open your Google chrome browser and open this link on your google chrome browser 
  • Download the app by clicking on 'Add to Chrome' and it will start installing.
  • It will take 2 or 3 second for the extension to be installed.
  • After the extension will be installed on your browser you will get access to Gmail Offline version without internet.
  • Now Gmail offline version will start showing on Chrome apps section.
  • Launch Gmail and Click 'Allow' and it will take some time to synchronize mails in your gmail online version and it will be stored in your gmail offline version.
That's it! You have got access to use gmail offline version without internet.
Note:If you have huge emails pending on your gmail account then it will take long time to store it to your local computer.

Guys this app is specially made by Google so there's no need to worry about it.

Top 3 Ways To Earn Money From a Blog

You may have seen many blogger earning money online by simply posting some articles on their blog.Every blogger wants to earn whether they are blogging about SEO or Android tricks.Some people actually likes to do blogging for free but what about their hosting charges, domain name charges? They needs to pay for these things every year so little earning is a must.

If you are blogging on a blog and still not using any program to earn through your blog then you will be disappointing soon by paying for those hosting, domain name charges.And if you have decided to earn through your blog and don't know which network will be useful for you then this post will make you understand about it.So let's start.

How can you make money from a blog?

The must having thing is good amount of traffic that will help you earn through your blog.Because if there is no audience in your blog it will be like a tea cup without tea.So if you want to enjoy earning through your blog you should start writing quality articles on daily basis for the first some months And you will see the different in your blog traffic people are more likely to visit a blog when they like a post of your blog and they'd like to visit your blog again to see if there's a new post like before.

So if you have started following above some tips then your are ready to move to the next paragraph to learn how to make money through your blog.

Top 3 Ways To Earn Money From a Blog

These ways will surely help you make money by blogging.You will earn money based on the network you are using and the networks are:

1. Pay Per Click [PPC] Network

The best and most usable way and first on our list.It's Pay Per Click Network.The most popular PPC network is Google Adsense.After getting Google adsense approval you will need to get a code give by adsense and paste it on your blog.After some weeks you will start seeing ads on you blog if you have pasted code on your blog.When you will start getting decent amount of traffic and traffic that comes from USA.

Because as per my info Google adsense pays more to visitors that comes from US.But not to use VPN over Google adsense as it will not help you earn for long time as google is more smarter than you.

So you will earn through this PPC network when ever someone click on your ad and you will be paid money for that.

2. In Text Advertising Network

This is the second way of earning through your blog easily.You can use both google adsense and In Text Advertising network on your blog.Or if you have been rejected from google adsense and finding a way to earn through your blog then that time this will help you make small amount of money from your blog.The best In Text Advertising network is Infolinks.It will show ads in your words in your blog post.You will earn whenever someone will click on those infolinks in text ads.This is a little slow way but not worst.Still many popular blog using infolinks ads on their blog along with adsense or without adsense.

3. Offer Services On Your Blog

This is the last but not least.If you want to earn more money from your blog then you can also start offering services on your blog for your visitors.You can work on their blog to make it more popular and can earn from those bloggers or you can help them customize their blog and looks great and can earn little with this.But these days everyone has a little info on blogging.So you can help other bloggers to get visitors on their blog and help them make money or you can also post articles on their blog as a author till they start getting visitors and get money from them on daily basis.

In this way people will more likely to ask you to do the above things for them because you are offering services that are mostly useful for newbies.


These are the Top 3 Ways to make money from a blog and will help you for sure to make a little revenue from your blog.And will help you grow your blog.From my openion you should always go for Google adsense.But getting google adsense is not as easy as you think.You need to hard work on your blog.And there are some more things you need to follow to get google adsense.I will be posting a tutorial on how to make your blog ready to get google adsense.But for now you can stick to any of above Network for some revenue.You can share your thoughts about what are you doing to make money from your blog in your comments.